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The press conference of 2014 China International all print exhibition was warmly held in Beijing, and the preparations for the Fifth China International all print exhibition in 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the fifth all Print Exhibition) have kicked off. On may16,2013, the press conference of the 5th All India exhibition was held at the Royal granary business hall in Beijing, which is mellow and elegant. 20 professional media at home and abroad, some printing industry associations in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and representatives of more than 40 well-known suppliers in the industry were invited to attend and gather together to focus on the fifth all print exhibition and its preparatory process

the main guests present at this event are: wangyanbin, director of the printing and distribution management department; lixinli, inspector of Shanghai Publishing Bureau and chairman of Shanghai Printing Industry Association; Mr. Chen Jinyin, chairman and honorary chairman of Taiwan printing and machine material industry association; Mr. Lu Jinfa, honorary chairman of Hong Kong Printing Industry Association ① sample wear test: conduct the test with a sample processed into a certain shape and size Hejiakeng et al. The organizers include Mr. zhangshuangru, executive vice president of China Printing Technology Association, Mr. wuwenxiang, honorary president of China Printing Technology Association, Mr. Qu Desen, secretary general, Ms. Fu Jiangnan, Mr. luojun, general manager of China Printing Group Corporation, shenhaixiang, honorary director of China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, Ms. Chenyan, director of China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, and Mr. Chu Tingliang, deputy director, Mr. Zeng Yaode, general manager of Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., reported to the participants the exhibition plan of the 5th All India exhibition and the latest progress of the preparatory work, and released the global promotion plan of all India exhibition. It has been ten years since the establishment of the all print exhibition in, and the propaganda film on the ten-year development of the all print exhibition was broadcast for the first time at the press conference, which reviewed the establishment background of the exhibition and showed the development process of the all print exhibition and the ten-year rapid development of China's printing industry

the fifth all print exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on November, 2014. With the theme of new technology, new applications and new business opportunities, it is expected that the total scale will exceed 80000 square meters, and more than 100000 people will visit the all print exhibition. In today's printing industry, the rapid development of digital technology, the deep integration of tradition and digital, and the improvement of printing technology have not only brought products and markets completely different from the traditional meaning, but also created a new operation mode and industrial direction; Synthetic design and utilization technology of nylon based high-performance packaging materials on the other hand, digital printing, fine packaging printing, functional printing and other attractive new business opportunities will further drive the application and promotion of new technologies. The 5th all printing exhibition will comprehensively display the development achievements and application schemes of printing technology in recent years under the environment of industrial technological change, and provide a global technology exchange platform, Ross van royen, senior marketing manager of regulated products of teknor apex TPE division in pung, who helped the global printing industry grasp the changes and development, pointed out: "the key to extrusion blow molding is to control the wall thickness of the parison. Roland, Shanghai Electric, Lianqiang group, and Yafei (Komori) Representatives of more than 30 domestic and foreign exhibitors including canon, founder, Epson, Fujifilm, MBO, etc. attended the press conference. For the fifth All India exhibition, the exhibitors' representatives expressed their confidence and would actively organize the exhibition and pay attention to the work of the exhibition

the conference ended in a warm and pleasant exchange atmosphere. The purpose of the conference is to strengthen exchanges and exchange information with new and old exhibitors and media friends at home and abroad, and expand the influence of the exhibition through the reports of domestic and foreign media. The 5th All India exhibition will set sail again to a brighter future

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