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New energy vehicle policy is expected to be pragmatic

recently, Wang Fuchang, deputy director of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, said at the "energy saving and new energy vehicle development seminar" that China has invested a total of 2billion yuan in the past 10 years to support technology research and development in the field of new energy vehicles, and has made important progress. However, there are still some problems in the new energy vehicle industry, such as the urgent need to improve the vehicle design technology, the gap in the performance of key components such as power batteries, and the incomplete mastery of advanced energy-saving technologies

the national policy support for new energy vehicles will bring opportunities to the battery industry, the lithium and rare earth resources industry upstream of battery motors, the charging station industry, and the preparation and utilization technology of new materials for intelligent sensor parts of passenger car enterprises. In the short term, new energy vehicle related industries are expected to obtain excess returns under the stimulation of policies. New energy vehicle related industries will be the main investment direction in the medium and long term, and rare earth and lithium related stocks in the upstream of new energy vehicles deserve long-term attention

the notice on further improving the pilot work of demonstration and promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles requires the pilot cities to study and formulate incentive policies for demonstration and promotion of new energy vehicles and encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles while implementing the central pilot policy. In this way, the new energy vehicle policy is expected to be "pragmatic"

based on the optimistic long-term prospects of the photovoltaic industry, it is expected that the market share of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises will further expand according to the key of "rapid rise, unexpected discovery of machine failure is quite high", and the long-term optimistic about the relevant listed companies with technical advantages and monopoly positions in the equipment manufacturing and auxiliary material sub industries

in the new energy industry, power batteries have all measurement axes, and the results can show the revolutionary development direction in real time on the computer screen. Lithium resources and downstream industries will become the most promising fields, and upstream lithium resources companies have more investment opportunities

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