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New energy vehicles must pay attention to composite body

in the era of high oil prices, plug-in hybrids, pure electric vehicles and other new energy options that can "calm" in the face of oil prices have once again become the focus of the automotive industry

a problem worthy of attention is that in China's current plan for the key technology of new energy vehicles, "Reeve said," we pay more attention to the three major parts of motor, electronic control and battery. However, there is no major breakthrough in the lightweight of the body, which urgently needs to attract the attention of all parties and make an overall plan as soon as possible

body lightweight is very important for traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to save energy and reduce exhaust emissions. The data shows that if the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% - 8%; For every 100 kg of vehicle weight reduction, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 5 g/km

once visited the exhibition hall of a top luxury car in Berlin in 2004. The person in charge of the exhibition hall pointed to the door of a luxury car with a price of millions of euros at that time and told him that each brass door handle alone weighed 1.5kg, and the air conditioning outlet in the car was also heavy pure metal parts. Undoubtedly, the heavy door handle will bring a heavy sound of closing the door and a stable texture, but it will also increase the vehicle weight and fuel consumption

from the perspective of the time, this luxury without regard to vehicle weight and fuel consumption is "fan Er". However, with the automotive industry paying more and more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction today and in the future, this "heavy model" has become increasingly unsuitable for the rational needs of consumers and the increasingly stringent emission regulations of various countries

not long ago, I visited BMW Landshut factory in Munich. As the technical support center for electric transportation and light body structure, Landshut factory plays an important role in the production network of BMW Group. The factory's carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) workshop is engaged in the development of materials and processes, as well as the manufacture of high-tech ultra light carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials

in fact, the application of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in the production of auto parts can be traced back to about 10 years ago. However, due to the high cost, it is only used in the roof of traditional diesel high-performance vehicles. As electric vehicles put forward higher requirements for body lightweight, in order to balance the increased weight of hundreds of kilograms of battery packs, carbon fiber reinforced plastic gradually has an inconspicuous supporting role and may become the protagonist. Its use in the whole body will fundamentally change the dependence of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles on steel plates and light metals such as magnesium and aluminum

looking forward to the future era of electric vehicles, carbon fiber body technology is not only a material for small-scale application, but also an important forward-looking technology for body lightweight. It is also a cutting-edge technology that will affect the future vehicle design, and will bring a revolutionary impact on the evolution of body materials. Next, we need to observe its performance and maintenance cost in the application after mass production, and the dilution effect of its price with the expansion of production will affect the popularity of this forward-looking technology

at present, some domestic independent brands do not need complex steps and requirements, and enterprises have recognized the importance of body lightweight. For example, Chery automobile has joined hands with Bayer Material Technology (China) Co., Ltd. to establish a joint laboratory for automotive lightweight to jointly develop cutting-edge material technology. In the next step, we should also give full play to the role of domestic research institutions and automobile associations to accelerate breakthroughs in the research and development of body lightweight technology, because it can adapt to a variety of experimental applications

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