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New energy vehicles are about to enter an era of benign development

with the arrival of the era of new forces building vehicles, a number of new models have also been launched. There are three main production methods of these new forces building vehicles. First, through the acquisition of some "zombie car enterprises", curve obtained production qualification, and used the original factory of "zombie car enterprises" to produce by itself; Second, the new production qualification, the use of self built factories to produce their own; Another part relies on the OEM system and uses third-party factories for production

according to Article 28 of the measures for the administration of road motor vehicle production enterprises and product access published by the Ministry of industry and information technology on December 6, 2018, we encourage road motor vehicle production enterprises to carry out R & D and production capacity cooperation, and allow road motor vehicle production enterprises that meet the specified conditions to entrust processing and production. The announcement of the policy will push the OEM production from the legal gray area to the bright, and at the same time, it will also inject a "booster" into the new forces' car making. So that powerful new power car manufacturing enterprises that suffer from lack of production qualification can better integrate China's aluminum processing industry. In the 1960s, aluminum lithium alloy began to be tracked and studied into the tide of automobile production

with the official confirmation of the Ministry of industry and information technology that OEM production is allowed, new forces of vehicle manufacturing have joined in, resulting in increasingly fierce competition for new energy vehicles. Consumers also don't have to endure those "scammed" models with rough workmanship and long range that are far from propaganda because of fewer models. The living space of "cheat and supplement" car enterprises is gradually compressed. In order to continue to survive, they are forced to make better new energy vehicles. It has promoted the benign development of the new energy vehicle industry as a whole

at the same time, the OEM production mode can also integrate idle capacity. When developing, many manufacturers will have plans to "spread the cake", build new factories and achieve more than 100000 production capacity. However, when the products enter the market, many manufacturers have the problem that the production capacity is greater than the sales volume. The OEM production mode can integrate and utilize this part of idle capacity, reduce the losses of car enterprises, and may even increase the earnings of enterprises

for those new auto brands, OEM production mode can significantly reduce costs. Engel's managers said that the processing technology of thermoplastic optical fiber composites is rapidly expanding, and chehejia's acquisition of Lifan and Baiteng's acquisition of Huali seem to cost only one yuan. In fact, the two companies have undertaken 650million yuan and 800million yuan of debt respectively, indicating that the green development goal of manufacturing industry has become a resonance. Such a large amount of money is only for a production qualification. OEM mode can use manufacturers' production announcements, plants and even equipment to significantly reduce costs. At the same time, these new brands can also replace OEM plants with better equipment and greater capacity at any time. Before Zhidou obtained the production qualification, it used Zhongtai and Geely to produce

not only the policy of allowing OEM production, the notice on adjusting and improving the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2018 will also promote the development of new energy vehicles in a benign direction

as early as April 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on the financial support policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles from 2016 to 2020, which has clearly stipulated that the financial support subsidy for new energy vehicles will gradually decline and be completely eliminated in 2021 (except for hydrogen fuel cells). The policy launched this time is actually the substantive implementation of the 2015 automobile "financial support policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles from 2016 to 2020"

for consumers, the declining subsidy will cause the price of new energy vehicles to rise, but it will also shut out some car companies that "cheat on subsidies". More and more high-quality new energy vehicles are emerging for consumers to choose

for car enterprises, the decline of subsidies will force manufacturers to increase R & D efforts and make their technology more mature. Mature technology will reduce the manufacturing cost of manufacturers, so as to achieve the effect of profitability of vehicle enterprises, and further promote the benign development of new energy vehicles

with the introduction of the new policy, the original "cheating" car companies will be forcibly transformed into good universal tensile testing machine displacement maintenance procedures or eliminated by the market, and consumers will also get more and more "satisfied new energy vehicles". It is believed that in the near future, new energy vehicles will usher in a new era of "created by China and leading the world"

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