The hottest new energy vehicles in China are basic

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On the 5th, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said that China's new energy vehicles are basically developing at the same time as the international advanced level. Even lechal can use the navigation on mobile phones to guide users to move forward. The annual sales volume of new energy vehicles continues to be the first in the world for three consecutive years, and the cumulative promotion of new energy vehicles exceeds 2. Gas exchange pressure difference tester; 1.8 million

Miao Wei said that the technical level of new energy vehicles has been significantly improved. In 2017, the capacity density of power battery cells increased by 2 times compared with that in 2012, and the technical level of pure electric vehicles was synchronized with the international advanced JC 688 ⑵ 006 glass magnesium plate - screw grip force experiment. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities have built large-scale charging service networks

at present, there are still some problems in China's new energy vehicles, such as the lack of core technology control, regular replacement of servo valves and sealing rings, insufficient preferential measures for use links, and local protection. In the next step, the Ministry of industry and information technology will strengthen overall planning and policy convergence to solve these problems

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