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New energy vehicle market: new cars and used cars are growing at a high speed at the same time

in recent years, new energy vehicles have become increasingly popular, and more and more new energy vehicles are also entering the used car market. It was learned on the 20th that the new energy vehicle market is showing a new trend of "synchronous and rapid growth of new and used vehicles". The sales data of new energy vehicles released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers showed that the year-on-year growth rate of new energy vehicle sales in October was 104.5%. In terms of new energy used cars, the new energy used car circulation data report (hereinafter referred to as "big data report") released by the China used car auction platform big data Research Institute on the 20th showed that compared with 2019, the trading volume of new energy used cars increased significantly from January to October this year, with a growth rate of more than 84%

localized and regional transactions are still the main circulation mode of used new energy vehicles. The statistical chart

big data report counted the transactions of new energy used cars from January to October this year. Second hand new energy vehicles in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places are highly popular. Among them, new energy used cars are the most popular in Shenzhen, with 6.7%, which means that for every 100 used cars sold in Shenzhen, there are nearly 7 new energy vehicles

in terms of specific brand turnover, BYD won the top of the new energy used car brand turnover ranking with its Qin, Tang, song and other car lines with large market holdings in the future. Roewe and the new reactor plan to win two or three places respectively in the delivery factory Toyota next year. However, in the top ten of the trading volume ranking, there is no "figure" of the new forces of car making. The platform believes that although the new forces of car making have entered the new car intensive delivery period, the large-scale replacement cycle has not yet arrived

the report shows the data such as the value preservation rate of new energy used cars and regional brand preferences. In the interview of the statistical chart

, it was learned that in recent years, with the continuous promotion of the comprehensive abolition of the policy of restricting the relocation of used cars, individual owners can sell their cars to regions with higher prices through the auction platform, and enjoy the premium advantage brought by cross regional transactions. Therefore, cross regional circulation has also become the mainstream trend of used car trading

however, in the circulation of new energy used cars, localized and regional transactions are still the main circulation mode. The proportion of local transactions in Shenzhen was 57.8%, and that in Tianjin was 77 At present, the metal materials used for joint implants are 6% and 76.9% in Shanghai. On the whole, the proportion of locally traded new energy used cars in the car auction platform is 63%, and most of the new energy used cars are bought by local buyers

in addition, the data, all of which are general brands, show that BAIC bjev and Geely are more popular with users in Beijing; Shanghai buyers are more willing to buy Roewe, BYD, Weilai and Tesla; Guangzhou prefers Honda, Toyota and Xiaopeng cars. From the perspective of geographical distribution, the new forces of car manufacturing enterprises have unique brand advantages in their respective headquarters areas

hedge ratio has always been the focus of new energy vehicles. In previous years, the ranking of new energy used cars' value preservation rate has been "dominated" by foreign and joint venture brands, but it has changed since the beginning of this year. According to the big data report, the top three in 2019 are Tesla modelx, models and BMW I3. This year's pure electric hedging rate ranking has ushered in a "big change", and independent brands have begun to make efforts. BYD yuan new energy and velai es8 have rushed into the top three of the hedging rate ranking, second only to Tesla modelx

from big data statistics, it is not difficult to see that in terms of hybrid electric vehicles, Japanese cars have obvious advantages in the hedging rate. Compared with 2019, Toyota ranked the top three in the hybrid car hedging rate from January to October, and its Camry hybrid, corolla dual engine e+ and leiling dual engine e+ were ranked in the top three. From the data results, the hedging rate of Japanese hybrid car systems represented by Toyota and Honda has been very close to that of fuel vehicles

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