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PE pipes occupy an important position in the European pipeline Market

partners only need to send a message in the group if they have any needs. For the seismic performance of PE pipes, people in the industry have a unified understanding: PE pipes have unique flexibility and excellent scratch resistance, and are easy to move, bend and insert. In case of pavement settlement and dislocation, they are not easy to break and cause damage, and the seismic performance is good. In the Kobe earthquake in 1995, the only pipelines that did not cause large-scale damage were PE gas pipes and water supply pipes. It is precisely because of many advantages, including the advantages of PE pipe, that it occupies an important position in the European pipe market and has become the fastest-growing pipe product in the application of various plastic pipe products in the United States for more than a decade

among PE pipe products, the seismic performance of steel wire reinforced plastic (PE), a composite pipe based on PE and reinforced by steel wire skeleton, has also attracted attention. On the basis of inheriting all the advantages of pure PE pipes, this kind of pipe has a more prominent ability to adapt to land subsidence and other conditions because of the reinforcement of steel wire skeleton. During the construction of Olympic venues, this kind of pipe is selected as the buried domestic water pipe of the national stadium because of the above advantages

some consumers still have some misunderstandings about the seismic performance of PVC pipes with flexible interfaces - they mistakenly think that the joints of this product are as brittle as the pipe products themselves. However, relevant data show that the seismic performance of plastic pipes with flexible interfaces is also relatively obvious. Like the steel wire skeleton plastic reinforced composite pipe in PE pipes, the seismic performance of PVC-M pipe, a modified product of PVC pipe products, is better than that of PVC-U

according to experts, in addition to plastic pipes, some metal pipe products and concrete pipes also have outstanding seismic performance. Among metal pipe products, centrifugal ductile iron pipes have outstanding extensibility and seismic performance. When encountering changes in terrain, the installed ductile iron pipes can deflect 35 degrees along the axis, and the damage rate in earthquakes is very low. According to the information provided by relevant industry associations, the seismic performance of prestressed concrete filled steel tube (PCCP) is also relatively ideal. It is reported that the PCCP pipe body is a rigid pipe, and the connector adopts socket type, which is flexible

therefore, it is a flexible design on the whole, which makes it one of the pipes with good shockproof performance. According to the data, on September 21, 1999, after the magnitude 7.3 earthquake in Taiwan, relevant departments investigated the damage of public water supply pipe equipment in the earthquake, and found that among all pipelines, only PCCP had no damage, and the production capacity of small and micro enterprises in the international and domestic markets exceeded 80million tons. About 10 kilometers away from the epicenter of the earthquake, a PCCP pipeline with a diameter of 4 meters and a length of 3 kilometers performed well in the earthquake, and basically did not suffer damage due to its extremely simple and reliable operation

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