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Provisions on road traffic safety management article 1 in order to maintain road traffic order, ensure road traffic safety and smoothness, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of traffic participants, these Provisions are formulated in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and in combination with the actual situation of this city. Article 2 the roads mentioned in these Provisions refer to roads, urban roads, special roads for social vehicles, public squares, public parking lots and other places for vehicles and pedestrians to pass

this regulation is applicable to road traffic activities and their management within the administrative region of this city. Article 3 the municipal and District People's governments should strengthen the planning and construction of road traffic, optimize the structure of road traffic, increase the investment in road traffic science and technology and education, and ensure whether the use of road traffic and fixtures is safe and convenient, and whether the national economy, social development and urban and rural construction of the city are coordinated

the municipal and District People's governments should strengthen the leadership of road traffic safety and implement comprehensive management of road traffic safety. Article 4 the municipal public security organ is the competent authority for the administration of road traffic safety in this city, and the municipal public security traffic management department is responsible for the implementation of these provisions

the departments of planning, municipal administration, construction, transportation, highway, education, etc. shall cooperate to do a good job in road traffic safety management according to their respective responsibilities. Article 5 the public security traffic management department and its traffic police shall do a good job in the publicity and education of traffic safety knowledge and road traffic safety laws and regulations, be loyal to their duties, enforce the law impartially, enforce the law strictly, enforce the law in a civilized manner, provide enthusiastic services, improve the management level, and accept social supervision. Article 6 government agencies, armed forces, social organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations (hereinafter referred to as units) shall strengthen the publicity and education of road traffic safety knowledge for their personnel

all kinds of schools at all levels should include road traffic safety knowledge in their learning contents, and carry out various forms of traffic safety education activities under the guidance of the public security traffic management department

departments of judicial administration, publishing, radio and television, culture, tourism and other people's organizations such as trade unions, the Communist Youth League and the women's Federation should take various forms to cooperate in the publicity of road traffic safety. Article 7 this city implements a traffic safety system aimed at reducing traffic violations and preventing traffic accidents. All transport enterprises and motor vehicle affiliated units shall implement the traffic safety system and strengthen the traffic safety education for their drivers and the management of vehicles. Article 8 All units and individuals should abide by traffic safety laws and regulations

vehicles and pedestrians must go their own way

the disabled, the elderly, children and other people in need of help should receive special protection and assistance when carrying out road traffic activities. Chapter II roads and road traffic facilities Article 9 the planning and construction of roads and the installation of road traffic facilities shall comply with national standards, technical specifications and the principles of safety and smoothness

the new and reconstructed roads must be equipped with corresponding road traffic facilities. Road traffic facilities shall be designed, constructed and delivered simultaneously with the road. When examining and approving the design schemes of roads and road traffic facilities, the relevant departments shall seek the opinions of the public security and traffic management departments. Article 10 No unit or individual may occupy, damage, move or alter road traffic facilities. If the road traffic facilities are damaged or missing, the establishment department shall repair them in time. Article 11 Where the maintenance and repair of roads and their facilities affect the normal traffic, the maintenance and repair departments shall set up signs and safety facilities to guide the traffic, and the normal traffic shall be restored in time after the completion of the construction

in case of damage, collapse and other conditions affecting the safety and smoothness of road traffic, the road construction and maintenance departments shall repair them in time; If it cannot be repaired in time, signs and safety facilities to guide traffic shall be set up. Article 12 in addition to routine road maintenance and repair operations, the occupation and excavation of roads that affect traffic safety due to special circumstances such as construction operations must be approved by the road department in charge and the public security and traffic management department, and the construction shall be carried out at the specified time, place and scope, and the relevant units shall approve within 5 days. The approval department shall issue a notice five days in advance if the traffic needs to be interrupted when occupying or digging roads. If a road is excavated due to rush repair of underground pipelines, the rush repair unit shall report to the public security traffic management department and the road department at the same time, and complete the formalities within 24 hours

when occupying and excavating roads, fence facilities must be set around the site, and reflective construction warning signs and traffic guidance signs must be set at a place not less than 50 meters away from the direction of incoming vehicles. After the operation is completed, the site shall be cleaned in time and the pavement and road facilities shall be repaired according to the specifications and standards. Article 13 when trees, poles, overhead pipelines, billboards, signboards, well covers and other facilities are inclined, broken, damaged or collapsed, which may affect traffic, the maintenance unit shall repair and eliminate them in time. In case of an emergency, the public security traffic management department or the road authority can eliminate it first, and the expenses incurred shall be borne by the maintenance unit. Article 14 where it is necessary to open a channel to connect with urban roads, the examination and approval department shall seek the opinions of the planning, public security and traffic management departments. Article 15 the following acts that impede the safety and smoothness of road traffic are prohibited on the road:

(improve their own advantages 1) occupy the sidewalk

(II) drainage, stacking goods, dumping garbage and muck

(3) engaging in business activities such as maintenance and scrubbing of vehicles

(IV) setting up parking lots (points) without authorization

(V) set it to 500X (500 times of the maximum measurable oscilloscope large input voltage) to park the motor vehicle

(6) setting up signs and markings containing traffic instructions without authorization

(VII) peddling and sending goods on the roadway

(VIII) posting and hanging advertisements, slogans and flags on road traffic facilities without authorization

(IX) other behaviors that may affect traffic safety and smoothness. Chapter III vehicles and drivers Article 16 vehicles must pass the inspection of the public security and traffic management department and obtain license plates and driving licenses before driving

with the approval of the Municipal People's government, the municipal public security and traffic management department can prohibit or restrict motorcycles, tractors, agricultural transportation in a certain area or for a certain period of time. Later, it successfully developed 2024-T3 alloy transport vehicles, wheeled special machinery, animal drawn vehicles, tricycles, rickshaws and other means of transportation

in Gulangyu District, the listing and driving of motor vehicles and non motor vehicles are strictly restricted

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