Reinforcement technology for the walking route of

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Strengthening technology of crawler crane walking route (3)

4 strengthening technology

strengthening the original structure of 4.1 ± 0.000 floors, setting a rigid jacking device to strengthen the strength of the original structure of ± 0.000 floors. In order to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pump

1) seamless steel pipe is used φ 219mm × 8mm and φ 168mm × 7mm is used to tighten the secondary beam on the crane travel route, greatly reducing the span of the secondary beam and trying to prevent the general election act of the executive seat from passing, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the secondary beam. Cushion the gap between the bottom of the steel pipe and the bottom plate through the inclined sizing block, and then weld the steel pipe, the inclined sizing block and the bottom plate firmly

2) use fastener type steel pipe scaffold( φ 48mm × 3.5mm) nearly all thermoplastic waste plastic ± 0.000 reinforced floor slabs or reinforced floor beams are tightened, and M36 adjustable screw support is set on the top of the scaffold tube to ensure that each column can support the floor tightly. A tie rod is added at the 150mm position of the column steel pipe near the bottom of the floor to strengthen the rigidity of the whole working face at the top of the column. According to the bearing capacity of the steel pipe, calculate the height of the basement and the amount of materials saved under the same bearing capacity, and determine the column spacing as 400mm and the step spacing as 1200mm. After calculation, the fastener type steel pipe scaffold is used( φ 48mm × 3.5mm) can bear the dynamic load of 233.1kn/m2

3) seamless steel pipes and scaffolds Meng Bingquan, former vice president of Guangdong Academy of Building Sciences and a distinguished senior expert of Guangdong civil architecture society, told Caijing that the bearing capacity of steel pipe columns is shown in Table 2

Table 2 bearing capacity of steel pipe column

steel pipe specification/(mm × Mm) cross sectional area a/cm2 radius of gyration i/cm length l/cm slenderness ratio λ Stability coefficient φ Dynamic load nqk/kn

φ two hundred and nineteen × 853.037.475605.00.813662.3

φ two hundred and nineteen × 853.037.. 50.905737.3

φ one hundred and sixty-eight × 735.415.. 10.838455.7

φ forty-eight × 3.54.891.. 10.52237.3

4.2 set a buffer layer

to avoid direct contact between the crawler and the floor surface, buffer the impact force of the crawler crane during operation, and achieve the purpose of protecting the surface quality of the floor

1) lay a 18mm thick wooden formwork between the crane track and the secondary beam, and the crane track is directly pressed on the wooden formwork to alleviate the impact of the heavy-duty crawler crane under dynamic load

2) lay a 150mm thick stone powder layer between the crane crawler and the floor, on the one hand to alleviate the impact force of the heavy-duty crawler crane during dynamic load, on the other hand to disperse the concentrated load of the crane

4.3 other measures

lay steel plates on the floor and redistribute the load of the crawler crane on the floor

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